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Z51eomevzaxpoibuhmwltxzihlr 10x1 – Feuer auf See

James, Norman, Sarah and Mandy are having a race to Pontypandy Point when Norman spots a horse. Before long the horse flies past the rest with a wailing Norman on board...

Qg2i6todrhfbvdg6t3f6enuqudz 10x2 – Fußball gegen Wissenschaft

Fireman Sam's birthday present starts whizzing around Pontypandy out of control. This results in Hannah, James and Dilys falling into the sea with a big birthday cake.

Kdgkdsaqypd5agrnx1947sim8va 10x3 – Das große Käse-Wettrollen

Norman has a great idea for turning Gareth's cardboard dragon into a real fire-breathing dragon using a pack of matches...

Sbebnhba41ofgzo5hfqpz00vd3b 10x4 – Auf dünnem Eis

James makes Sam, Sarah and Hannah a Pizza which was one of Bella Lasagne's recipes. Since Hannah never knew who she was, Bronwyn told her that she had her own Café once in Pontypandy (still seen opposite from Dilys shop) and had since moved to Newtown. Gareth turns up at the Wholefish Café asking for help with food at a party down at the railway station and James volunteers to help. At the Ocean Rescue Centre, Arnold and Ellie are proceeding with their fire service training by changing into their ocean rescue uniforms as quickly as possible. However, Elvis manages to get the zip on his life jacket stuck. At the Cafe, James, Sarah and Hannah have made lots of pizzas but are struggling to fit them in the oven so Sarah suggests cooking them in the oven upstairs and cooking some at Hannah's house. Back at the fire station, Arnold and Ellie are now changing into their animal rescue uniforms whilst Station Officer Steele is trying to get the Ocean rescue uniform off Elvis. After that Elvis quickly changes into the Animal rescue uniform and gets that stuck too. Sarah James and Hannah arrive back at the Cafe only to find that it's on fire. Station Officer Steele sends Sam, Penny, Arnold and Ellie to fight the fires whilst Elvis gets out of his uniform. Once the fires are out, Hannah forgets that there's pizza's in the oven at her house and worries that they could be on fire too, so a late Elvis rushes there on Mercury and puts out the last fire. With the pizza's all burnt, there's no food left, so Sam fetches 2 surprises: 1. Fresh pizzas and 2. The return of Bella Lasagne who everyone is surprised to see.

Jp7zagnp83ube4hzhonz7kwa1qg 10x5 – Der zauberhafte Normansky

Norman is looking after Auntie Phyllis' dog, but a simple game of fetch turns bad when Lady Puffle-Paws gets caught up in the river's current.

Criftuqa7uu0e5wtd5ait0e67sp 10x6 – SOS auf Pontypandy Eiland

Whilst on the way to the ruins, Trevor's bus breaks down. Trevor tries fixing it but he disconnects the brakes, and when Mrs Chen helps out she ends up driving the bus out of control.

1zytknmalb9hevosoehw7nfhabi 10x7 – Gefahr im Fluss

Norman is making a spy movie and has James do all the stunts, but each stunt leads to trouble.

4elmdjpztt8ye9top15xnhk7uz5 10x8 – Die beste Pyjama-Party aller Zeiten

Lizzie heads off to the fire station and tells her daughter Hannah to keep a fox in its cage. As Lizzie heads to the station with Sam, Norman shows up at the Veterinary Clinic and tells Hannah that foxes are like dogs. Despite her promise, Hannah opens the cage and the fox runs off. It's up to the two of them to catch the fox before Lizzie returns.

Vmuf3ijjemj0ja5to5smfzf5hod 10x9 – Wal in Sicht

While trying to outdo each during a spooky party, Sarah and James put themselves and their friends in terrible danger.

Ah5umv8xdqhhti3l2ipq7nzqoab 10x10 – Lämmchen fliegt davon

Elvis and Mike break up their band to form solo acts. But when Mike's guitar machine falls apart during a show, it causes a fire.

7uumdzqttslkqwityokamw1vrvh 10x11 – Das supergruselige Frostmonster

It's a big day at Pontypandy park. The fire crew is about to have a football game with some of the Pontypandy citizens. But when Norman takes a pizza out of the oven, hot bits of charcoal come out too, causing a pizza box to catch fire. Norman then sets a hill on fire when he throws the blazing pizza box on the ground.

4a7wjfa9gji6i7oxcz4hjno1ggh 10x12 – Der Pontypandy-Gokart-Cup

Sam and Penny are called into action after Mandy gets trapped in some mountain caves while in search of a bat. .. _

Jubs5uqseuznvjlpnmkdzqhidb 10x13 – Balance auf dem Baumhaus

CGI-animation. Boyce puts the crew through a rigorous fitness routine. Several of them are injured, which causes a problem when a fire breaks out.

Mniggrwg0jhkkmj5pzjoaq69tuf 10x14 – Wer schafft den Rekord?

The children are going up the mountains to see the Nothern Lights. Unfortunately, their train ends up on fire and without a driver. Can Sam and the team brave the blizzard to save the children in time?

3xdgvbjxhj5ohipmh4xsjywrwt 10x15 – Die Feuerwand

Moose and Tom take the Pontypandy Pioneers on a wilderness outing. When building bears from sticks and twigs, Moose's competitive nature takes over and he builds a giant bear. Disaster strikes when Moose accidentally knocks the bear on to the fire and then in to their tent!

Giuhsj2pgnygxkelj0xzb7gpuvg 10x16 – Gefangen in der Schlucht

While Penny is away, Elvis' cousin Jerry Lee Cridlington from Newtown arrives to help out. Meanwhile, Norman and Mandy drift out to sea in a bouncy castle.

Uudigp7ufvktctye1cqk6a1vznf 10x17 – Mandy und die Seeschildkröte

Mike organises an ice rink at his house so the children can play hockey since it's a snowy day in Pontypandy. However, he doesn't secure the floodlights when comes to night time and they all topple over and cause a fire.

V80robmr9v6em3jzvlmcqzry3ur 10x18 – Der Schatz von Pontypandy Pete

Charlie feels that his children are more impressed with Tom Thomas than they are of him. When Tom finds himself drifting away in a dinghy, Charlie helps to find him using his years of expertise as a fisherman.

Nl7dwxsq7btpeemrqd4qupbe4kp 10x19 – Verirrt in den Pontypandy Bergen

Bronwen is staging a synchronised swimming spectacular starring Sarah, James, Mandy and Norman to mark the reopening of the lido. But Norman accidentally starts a fire.

C4nw74qaysqj5vrp1tczjmm6xec 10x20 – Hund gegen Katze

Gareth takes the children up into the mountains to give them a magical Christmassy Christmas surprise. Unfortunately, there's a blizzard on its way.

K2mcntmpb63ztmbiws4qhgeit70 10x21 – Ameisenalarm

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Pzg6qnxxq3xgtalbdnobxgbrvyp 10x22 – Die Liebesboten

Norman loudly trumpets his latest venture - "a big top circus" in the park, which he promises will be "the greatest show on Earth".

1k5fz5iuk2f4objrnrkajlaxour 10x23 – Bühne frei für Feuerwehrmann Sam

Ben and Hannah compete in the kayaking challenge together, but Ben runs into trouble.

Txlkuo4ubnmmvbtoby4fln5hazn 10x25 – On Thin Ice

The residents of Pontypandy are all gathered in the park for the annual town festival. What could possibly go wrong?

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